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Early works(1930~1985)


in 1952, 155.6×97.0cm

When the townscape is viewed from a high hill, the sea can be seen above the roofs. The sea shines brilliantly as it reflects the sunlight. The roof tiles also shine dazzlingly, scattering a variety of colors like a kaleidoscope.


Warehouse by the Alley

in 1952, 67.5×50.8cm

Whenever I returned home, I made sketches of the scenery of the town of Setoda and the island. One of my works completed from such sketches was the following work which illustrates warehouses with white outer walls made of mud lined up side by side near the Setoda pier. The buildings standing side by side along the curved alley looked very Japanese and seem to evoke a traditional and the dignified sensibility.


Homeward Bound

in 1952, 146.0×206.0cm

This work shows my younger sisters and brother coming back from a tangerine orchard owned by my family. Their poses walking side by side in a row were consciously created so that they would be suggestive of naive figure drawings of Egypt. I tried to express the idyllic atmosphere of the island as simply as possible but it was eliminated in the first round of the In-ten.


Three Ladies

in 1953, 206.8×144.9cm

In 1952, he actively drew portraits as the most basic drawing. He asked people close to him to be his models, and continued to make drawings of people.
As a series of studies, he drew three women.


Fishing Boat

in 1954, 75.0×75.0cm

An array of fishing boats being moored along the Kitamachi coast in Setoda with beautiful shadows of ripples from their rolling in the waves. The array of the fishing has great rhythm, manifesting a kind of poetic sentiment and beauty.


Vision of Animal

in 1954, 56.8×70.2cm

I painted this work as one of a series of my experimental studies for “Transmission of Buddhism” completed in 1959, using these colors and techniques. I tried to render a kind of primitive feeling, drawing an animal at the center and fantasy inspired plants in the background.

Comments on each work were written by Ikuo Hirayama.
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